Established in 2011, A GOOD COMPANY LTD is a Cultural and Creative Planning Company.  We specializes in and concentrates on brand management, licensing, production distribution and promotional events.  We are in interaction with various international famous artists, designers and illustrators.

A GOOD COMPANY LTD is, moreover, the co-founder of an annual mega exhibition – TOYSOUL, which consists of feature artists and designer products, as well as assorted collectible figures from both emerging talents and renowned illustrators.

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壹間好公司成立於 2011年, 為一家創意及文化策劃公司。我們專注並專業於品牌管理, 授權, 產品分銷及籌辦宣傳活動。我們的合作伙伴為各類型國際知名的玩具及人物設計師。


此外,壹間好公司有限公司亦是一年一度的大型展覽會-亞洲玩具展的聯合創辦人, 該展覽由特色藝術家的產品所組成,同時亦包含了各類來自著名插畫家及新興人才的收藏品。

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