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Warbie Yama

Warbie Yama starts from an award-winning animated short film “Cheez...z” created in San Francisco, USA. The story is about Yama, an old man, the photographer who always carry his camera everywhere he goes. Yama tries to get an ice photo of Warbie, an adorable but greedy little bird. Warbie and Yama first met each other on a Sunday afternoon in 2008 where fun story began!! This film has delivered good message to audiences and make people adore this remarkable character “Warbie” and “Yama”.

Warbie Yama是從美國舊金山“Cheez ... z” 中獲得殊榮的動畫短片開始。故事講述的是Yama,一位隨身攜帶著相機的老人攝影師, 想要拍一張Warbie的照片,一隻可愛又貪婪的小鳥。 Warbie 和 Yama在 2008 年的一個星期天下午第一次相遇,有趣的故事因著這個奇妙的相遇而展開!! 這部電影向觀眾傳達了正面的信息,同時讓人們喜歡上可愛和非凡的 “Warbie”和“Yama”。