Shakurel Planet is famous Japanese capsule toy. The sales of Shakurel Planet is over one million pieces right now. The animals of Shakurel Planet evolved into a large so that they can eat anything for their life. There is a lot of brand cooperate with this characters, including shopping  malls, zoo and  apparel.

Shakurel Planet是日本著名的扭蛋玩具。截止目前為止,Shakurel Planet的銷量己經超過一百萬件。Shakurel Planet中的動物演化成擁有大型嘴巴的動物,以便它們可以為生命吞吃任何東西。

很多品牌已經和Shakurel Planet有合作關係,包括商場,動物園和服裝品牌。

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