AVO and Friends is a great story about Fruity Adventure to find the secrets of stickers on their back of heads. AVO is an avocado from the shining forest. BANAMI is a little prince from the highest mountain. ONIE is a romantic with a warm heart. APPIE is a magical painter from a secret garden of atelier in France.

AVO and Friends 是一個可愛水果們的冒險故事。 AVO- 來自閃亮森林的牛油果; BANAMI- 來自至高山峰的小王子; ONIE- 擁有溫暖心思的浪漫主義者; APPIE- 一個來自法國秘密花園的神秘畫家。四個可愛的水果為了解開頭上標籤的秘密而展開有趣和可愛的冒險。

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