Javier González Burgos, has illustrated more than 120 books and his illustrations are also part of the Fratelli Branca permanent art collection. During Christmas 2014 his mall decoration obtained a record of 160,000 people per day in Hong Kong. His works are mostly focused on the young audience, working on various media platform and characters-toy developments.

Javier González Burgos,目前居住在阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯的插圖畫家。 Javier已經為超過一百二十本的書籍繪製插圖,他的作品亦是Fratelli Branca 永久藝術收藏品的一部分。 2014年聖誕節期間,他在香港商場所設置的裝飾創造了每天十六萬人參觀的記錄。


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